Get your online multi-player fix with the new Humble Bundle

The new Gamepedia Humble Bundle announced is packed full of online multiplayer goodness from Dirty Bomb starter packs to SMITE skins and more. Here’s what you get:

Pay what you want!

  • Awesomenauts
  • Heroes & Generals (Early Access) — Weekend Warrior Pack
  • Dirty Bomb — The Ultimate Starter Pack
  • Curse Premium 30-day subscription
  • WildStar — Jumpstart Pack

Pay $5 or more to also unlock!

  • Vertiginous Golf 4-Pack
  • SMITE — Freya + Pixel Buster Skin
  • Neverwinter — Humble Pirate Pack
  • War of the Vikings
  • Robocraft (Early Access) – Twin Robot Pack

Pay $12 or more to also unlock!

  • Dirty Bomb — Humble Bundle Loadout Cards and Case
  • Path of Exile — Arctic Crown + Cobra Pet
  • Life is Feudal: Your Own

Pick up the bundle today, donate to charity and rekt some people online.


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