Not content with offering the ultimate entertainment and gaming access via the new Xbox One S console, available in 500GB and 1TB versions from today, the team at Xbox Australia has now turned its hand to the world of fashion design, working with some of the country’s biggest film, TV, gaming and sports fans to release their first collection known simply as the ‘Xbox Onesie’. With custom features including enlarged pockets to fit controllers, forearm grips for those edge of your seat moments and an XL hood to accommodate headsets, the Xbox Onesie comes with everything an entertainment enthusiast could need when streaming a favourite TV show or film, watching sports or embarking on the ultimate gaming session.

The Xbox Onesie is the only gaming fashion you need

Xbox Australia has revealed a new accessory today that will compliment your gaming lifestyle – it’s the Xbox Onesie. Yes, it’s a real thing but we’re not sure if it’s available for sale or coming soon.

Available in white or black, the Xbox Onesie has pockets to fit your Xbox One controller, remote and mobile phone. You can also probably fit snacks in there to carry around by the looks of things while playing your favourite games or watching TV. They even released a complete feature list:

  • Enlarged pockets to fit your Xbox Controller and Media Remotes
  • Arm pouch to offer quick and easy access to your mobile phone
  • Roll-able legs and arms to cater for all temperatures and seasons
  • Forearm grips to prevent slipping on those ‘edge of your seat’ moments
  • Extra-large hood to accommodate headsets for the ultimate gaming sessions
  • Customised Gamertag embroidery

The question is, would you totally wear something like this? (we probably would)

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