Mindfreak asserts their ANZ dominance winning CWL Sydney Open II

Flawless Victory

Mindfreak, the boys in the blue have gone undefeated in the 2nd CWL Sydney Open flawlessly asserting their dominance in the ANZ scene without dropping a single series to face off Oracle Esports in the Grand Final.

Oracle Esports, a newly formed roster created in April has pushed through the lower brackets in an impressive run after being defeated by Team Regicide 3-2. The team then went on to defeat teams such as Tainted Minds and Rage Esports to reach an unstoppable Mindfreak.

Oracle Esports Jake “Hopey” Hope

Despite losing against Mindfreak in the Grand Final 3-1, Oracle Esports managed to take a map from the CWL Sydney Open I champions which no other team did during the LAN which should be commended.

Here are the results/winnings from CWL Sydney Open II:

  • 1st – Mindfreak – $14,000 / 10,000 PP
  • 2nd – Oracle Esports – $7,000 / 6,000 PP
  • 3rd – Rage Esports – $4,000 / 4,400 PP
  • 4th – Validate Brothas – $2,000 / 3,600 PP
  • 5th-6th – Team Regicide – $1,000 / 3,200 PP
  • 5th-6th – SYF Gaming – $1,000 / 3,200 PP
  • 7th-8th – Empyre Esports – $500 / 2,800 PP
  • 7th-8th – Tainted Minds – $500 / 2,800 PP

Photos Credit: ESL Australia / Source: COD Esports Wikis 

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