Two is Better than One? AMD Officially Reveals R9 295X2 Video Card

POSTED BY Agus April 8, 2014 in Articles
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AMD has finally lifted the curtains on it’s upcoming dual processor graphics card, the Radeon R9 295 X2 and yes… it’s a monster.

The R9 295X2 boasts two Hawaii 290X chips clocked at ‘up to 1018MHz‘ out of the box paired with 8GB GDDR5 on dual 512-bit. bus packed with 11.5 TFLOPS of power (the R9 290X comes in at 5.6 TFLOPS). Lots of power, means lots of heat and AMD has bundled in a water/air cooling setup for the R9 295X2 – the card also requires 500W of power.

The card launches on April 21st with a price tag of $1499 USD. Local pricing/release not yet confirmed.

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