AOC G2460PG $529 G-SYNC Monitor Landing in Australia Next Month

POSTED BY Agus July 21, 2014 in Articles
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Last week, we had the opportunity to check out the new AOC G2460PG 24″ Gaming Monitor which features the new NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. The monitor will be arriving in Australia for $529AUD RRP with an August release window.

NVIDIA’s G-SYNC tech allows increased performance in gaming by synchronizing display refresh rates to the NVIDIA GPU eliminating stutter, input lag and screen tearing. The AOC G2460PG features this chip in-built and also a range of other features like 1080P gaming on 144Hz and a fully adjustable stand.

AOC is the first company to announce a monitor with built-in G-SYNC for Australian release. At a nice price point of $529AUD RRP – the monitor is coming in cheaper than we expected which should be an easy buy for NVIDIA GPU owners.

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