Japan wants to shoot an “Evangelion” Longinus Spear to the Moon

POSTED BY Agus February 1, 2015 in Articles
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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Neon Genesis Evangelion this October – a crowd funding campaign has been set up in cooperation with Google Lunar XPrize competitor Hakuto to send a mini replica Loginus Spear from the anime series to the moon.

Measuring at 240mm and made out of Titanium, the spear will hop aboard a US rocket late 2015 or early 2016 where Hakuto’s little moon rover will shoot it into the ground.

The crowdfund target is 100 million YEN (Roughly $1 Million AUD) and so far has raised over 30 million Yen. You can check out the project here and watch the video below explaining the process.

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