Project Scissors: Nightcry now has console stretch goals and a new gameplay demo

POSTED BY Toby Berger February 16, 2015 in Articles
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Nude Maker has announced that its upcoming spiritual successor to Clock Tower, Project Scissors: Nightcry, now has stretch goals that will allow the game to come to consoles as well as PC.

With funds currently sitting at $150,000 (50% of the goal) and with 7 days to go, the team look to be doing everything they can to make it over the line. As well as the console stretch goals, a new and extended gameplay demo has been released to show off the game once again.

For Nightcry to make it to the PS4, the team need to raise $450,000, and for its arrival on Xbox One the team need to raise $550,000.

You can back the project on the team’s Kickstarter page, or follow everything else on the team’s Twitter page, Facebook page or their website.

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