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POSTED BY Agus March 3, 2015 in Articles
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Visceral Games and EA have today revealed the details surrounding Battlefield Hardline Premium. As per usual, the subscription service gives users 2 weeks early access to the 4 story themed DLC packs plus a bunch of extras.

Four new features

• Masks – New player masks with unique gameplay benefits tied to the theme of each mask.
• Gun Bench – Provides players with the ability to visually customise their weapons and track their kills per weapon.
• Competitive Play – Support for competitive play through Battlefield Hardline Premium-access only tournaments and ladders.
• Legendary Status – Provides replayability of the entire progression system.

Four digital expansion packs featuring new multiplayer maps, modes, vehicles, in-game content and a story themed throughout all four

• Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity – Players have to make a name for themselves in fast-paced, highly-destructible new maps littered with small-time crime jobs. Available summer 2015.
• Battlefield Hardline: Robbery – Take down the opposition head on and progress through key locations with major cinematic action. Available summer 2015.
• Battlefield Hardline: Getaway – This is frantic, high-speed chases that immerse players deeper in the heist. Available fall 2015.
• Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal – There is a rat in every operation and players will have to find out who to trust. Available winter early 2016.

Two weeks early access to all expansion packs

• 12 Gold Battlepacks
• New personalisation options including gun camos, ammo skins, and more Battlefield Hardline Premium exclusive in-game items
• Access to double-XP, in-game missions, and more Battlefield Hardline Premium exclusive events
• Priority position in server queues

Battlefield Hardline Premium costs $50. The game is out March 19th in Australia.

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