Cooler Master Launches Flexible Modular PC ‘Master’ Case

POSTED BY Agus August 20, 2015 in Articles
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Cooler Master has launched their new line of pc cases called Master Case – which has been innovated together with users to create the ultimate product.

Instead of going ahead and creating another standard case, Cooler Master has worked with designers and users to understand the important elements in a pc case. This is how the design and functionality of the Master Case series was formed. I’ve been keeping a close eye on this project since it’s prototype reveal at CES 2015 and the final product looks fantastic.

Pricing for the case sits around the $200 mark which isn’t bad for something that can be modified over time to suit your upgrades and needs. We haven’t seen much out of the modular expansion parts yet but this seems promising.

The case is available now in two different versions: Windowed and Standard.

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