Take revenge in Mafia 3 with new trailer and release date reveal

POSTED BY Agus April 20, 2016 in Articles
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It’s time to take revenge as 2K Games has announced the release date for the upcoming Mafia 3 – the next instalment in the organised crime series. The game will be coming out on October 7, 2016 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Released alongside the date was a cinematic trailer titled ‘One Way Road’ which showcases the story and the main protagonist Lincoln Clay as he plots his revenge against the Italian Mob after a hit on his surrogate family. Mafia 3 will take place in an open-world 1968 New Bordeaux, a reimagined version of New Orleans complete with era-inspired cars, fashion and music.

You can check out some screenshots of the game below:




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