Athletico picks up new Rocket League Roster

POSTED BY John Huynh February 21, 2017 in Articles
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Rocket League esports is exponentially growing, recently we saw the developers Psyonix announcing that they are investing more than $2.5 million in expanding and improving the competitive scene of the game while also adding the oceanic region into the next season. Athletico Esports welcomes its new Rocket League team (previously known as Sand Castle) with 3 new members to the group: DumboRL, aoe_emp and Lukorice.

Athletico Esports Program Director, Peter Souvlis says:

“Everyone, staff and other players alike are really excited to have such a young and charismatic team under the banner. As a Rocket League tournament organiser and broadcaster I can see their potential and that in itself it excites me to see them fulfill same. This is quite a time to be involved in Rocket League and I can’t wait to get stuck in with the team.”

Athletico Esports will be attending Throwdown Rocket League finals this Sunday 26th Feb.

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