Faker sets new record after moving to Twitch

POSTED BY John Huynh February 7, 2017 in ArticlesEsports, League of Legends,
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It was not surprising to see Faker making an impact on Twitch after moving from Azubu.

The League of Legends player Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok from SK Telecom 1, broke the record for the most watched individual stream on his first day using the streaming platform Twitch after switching from Azubu.

At the peak of his stream he had over 245,100 viewers compared to the popular NA League of Legends player, Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana, who had roughly 24,000 viewers at the time of his stream. Faker who mostly spoke Korean on the stream had an on-hand English translator to translate what he was saying while playing, but the chat was disabled for a majority of the stream. 

Faker had to end his stream early due to technical difficulties but the League of Legends player said he will be back the next day.

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