Legacy Esports returns to SMITE with a brand new roster

POSTED BY Agus February 15, 2017 in ArticlesEsports, SMITE,
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Legacy Esports has announced their new roster heading into the first split of the Smite OPL which kicks off this weekend.

With the announcement of OnlyGoodAtSolo and Shred moving to independent teams as well as Mingyu “MingyuSeo” Seo leaving for LG Dire Wolves – Legacy has revealed their new roster made up of ex-Avant Garde core and a former Alpha Sydney player.

Legacy has a long and proven history of looking after its players and teams, and so when a disciplined and dedicated squad can match culturally with the “Legacy Way”, we are more than happy to continue to invest, care and value aspiring esport professionals.

Legacy Esports SMITE Roster:

  • Daniel ‘Weave’ Stevenson – Support
  • Riki ‘Yada’ Wellington – Jungle
  • Regan ‘Limits’ Bell – ADC
  • Cody ‘iDivine’ Davies – Captain & Mid
  • Joshua ‘ElChuckles’ Bruce – Solo
  • Dylan ‘JustLaney’ Lane – Sub

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