Report: Tainted Minds LoL roster now free agents

POSTED BY Jayden Perry February 13, 2017 in ArticlesEsports, League of Legends,
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Tainted Minds’ League of Legends roster have taken to twitter to announce they’re leaving the organisation, pursuing their options as free agents.

Ryan ‘ShorterACE’ Nget posted a goodbye tweet with his fellow team mates, followed promptly by the free agent announcements. This comes announcement off the back of the teams 2 to 1 victory against SIN Gaming on Sunday afternoon. The team’s coach, Nick Inero, and player manager Fassfy, have also left.

The organisation Tainted Minds currently still owns the team spot in the Oceanic Pro League. The future of the OPL spot and team should be revealed by the organisation in the lead up to the next weekend of games.


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