Tainted Minds releases statement on LoL team, will field a new roster this weekend

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Tainted Minds has finally released a statement regarding the situation on Monday when majority of their League of Legends OPL roster walked out of the team house. Players Ryan ‘ShorterACE’ Nget, Aaron ‘ChuChuZs’ Bland, Tristan ‘Cake’ Cote-Lalumiere, Andrew ‘Rosey’ Rose and coach Nicholas ‘Inero’ Smith left the house and tweeted that they’re free-agents signalling that they’ve left the organisation.

However, Tainted Minds and Riot Games have confirmed in an official statement “that all parties listed remain contracted to Tainted Minds on the Riot Global database.” which confirms the players are not free-agent.

“The above, rostered parties remain under contract to Tainted Minds. Riot has confirmed that all parties listed remain contracted to Tainted Minds on the Riot Global database. Additionally, Riot has confirmed that the parties do not have free agent status as published by some outlets.”

Tainted Minds has also revealed their new roster heading into this weekend’s game against Abyss eSports Club. Mark ‘Praedyth’ Lewis remains part of the main roster. Here’s the line-up:

  • Top – Jackson ‘Pabu’ Pavone
  • Jungle – Joshua ‘Fesh’ Necovski
  • Mid – Mark ‘Praedyth’ Lewis
  • ADC – Gregory ‘Grisha’ Epov
  • Support – Robbie ‘Broler’ Harrison

Tainted Minds has also mentioned that Fasffy, who was the previous manager of the LoL team is no longer contracted to the organisation and has no commercial relationship with the club.

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