Former Winterfox Chris “ofnu” Hanley joins Tainted Minds

POSTED BY Jayden Perry May 23, 2017 in ArticlesCS:GO, Esports,
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After in-game leader Stuart “sonic” Rayner left Tainted Minds a few weeks ago, the organisation has added former Winterfox player Chris “ofnu” Hanley to the roster.

In a statement to HLTV, Chris “ofnu” Hanley has mentioned:

“I look forward to competing at home again. I hope to share with the team what I learnt during my time in North America and guide the team back to the number one spot in the region. Thanks to the players and Tainted Minds for giving me this opportunity.”

Chris “ofnu” Hanley will be playing his first match with Tainted Minds tonight against Funky Monkeys in the AOC CSGPL Winter 2017 from 7PM AEDT here.

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