Hi-Rez Mid-Year $35K LAN kicks off this weekend

POSTED BY Agus June 22, 2017 in ArticlesEsports, SMITE,
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The Hi-Rez Mid-Year Finals kick off this weekend at the CyberGamer Studio in Adelaide, Australia with a total $35,000 prize money across SMITE and Paladins.

The event will feature the SMITE OPL Split 2 Finals where the top four teams will compete for the $25,000 prize pool. Paladins Path to Dreamhack will also be featured where the top team taking home the bulk of the $10,000 prize pool and the opportunity to represent the region at the Paladins Summer Premier at Dreamhack Valencia.

Here’s the layout for the weekend:

You can watch the games here: SMITE / Paladins


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