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POSTED BY Lauren Elwood January 19, 2018 in EsportsLeague of Legends, Top Post,
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So we’re at that point now where we’ve seen all the team and roster announcements, we’ve had the infamous suspensions of the pros, and we’re finally only a day away from the start of Split 1 of the OPL 2018. This split is set to be huge; never have we had such a huge player shuffle between the upper echelon teams in the OPL, and the announcement of new team Order is one that has both shocked and truly excited the community.

Coming from 3 of the OPL’s finest and most-loved teams, Order is a new team based in Melbourne packed with familiar faces we all know. Spookz and Swiffer, 2 of the OPL’s most seasoned veterans, come to the team from their longtime home at the Chiefs. This dynamic duo (in the jungle and mid lane respectively) have truly made a name of themselves in OCE League of Legends, competing in and winning multiple OPL Finals, and travelling to numerous places internationally to represent OCE on the big stage. Next up is Tally in the top lane, all the way from the Chiefs’ longtime rival team, Legacy. Participating in multiple OPL Finals and travelling internationally to play himself, Tally is another OPL veteran who brings huge talent to the team and makes for an intimidating opponent. Lastly on the opposite side of the map we have the ex-SIN botlane duo, FBI and Rogue. Whilst these are some fresher faces in the OPL make sure you don’t underestimate these boys, the both of them have also travelled internationally to represent OCE and have made a great name for themselves here; Spookz himself stated “[FBI] has the most raw talent of any player in the competition in my opinion.” (and does anyone else remember that incredible gauntlet run from SIN in Split 1 of last year??) So – what does a team full of bursting talent like this need to do to make a huge splash into their first game of the OPL and come out on top?

Primarily, it is vital for any team to mesh well together, not only as players with completely different playstyles, but as teammates. It’s easy to imagine that there would be some compatibility issues and possible rifts between them, and joining a new team can be scary; they have never played as a unit before and have spent a long time playing and working with other players’ style, but the boys say it hasn’t been difficult for them:

“The team as a whole is working together a lot better than expected. I honestly thought it would take a lot longer to get it together than it has, but I think some of the growing pains have been mitigated by the preexisting synergy between a few of the members.” Says team captain Swiffer.

“All we have to do now is expand on that aforementioned synergy between every player.”

Tally echoed his sentiment, adding “I’m very pleased with how we’ve been working so far. Our team cohesion and ability to take and give criticism is helping us improve at a fast rate.”

Whilst it’s fantastic that the team have come together remarkably well, being one of the only upper tier teams to miss out on a rigorous bootcamp in Korea could very well be detrimental when the time comes; they haven’t had the opportunity to scrim international teams, and their playstyle would likely be lagging behind as they’re not used to the fast paced style of Korean soloqueue their opponents will be flaunting. When asked about this, the boys are ultimately not too stressed, but they will admit that it may take them a few weeks to catch up.

“I think specifically Dire Wolves and Chiefs will have an inherent advantage over us early in the season due to their preparations at the bootcamp. As long as we understand that and we learn from these teams there’s no reason that towards the middle/later part of the split we can’t surpass them.” says Spookz.

Swiffer had mostly the same to say, but finished with this daring tidbit: “A lot of the teams coming back [from Korea] will have reached their ceilings. We’ve barely left the ground floor.”

This gathering of top OCE talent, assembled together almost like the Avengers, is going to make waves in the OPL. The boys are truly ready to jump headfirst into their first game of 2018 tomorrow, and are not letting any sort of negativity bring them down.

They take on Tectonic at 4pm AEDT at twitch.tv/opl – don’t miss out!

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