Okay, so it’s less of an evening and more of a short 600 word interview, but any time spent talking to the larger-than-life personality that is Juves is a time well spent.

Juves is one of the biggest and most loved personalities in the OPL; banding together his team (no matter the roster) with ease and providing much-needed hype surrounding OPL matches, he is someone who helps make the OPL what it is – also did I mention he outsmited Levi? This year saw Juves returning to SIN, but this time with a whole new squad on his side: Praedyth in the top lane, Bdoink taking on mid, and youngin Dream and Cuden down bot as ADC and support respectively. Always the “leader of the pack”, I asked Juves what his new team dynamic is like, and whether or not he’s still in that role:

“With a lot of new members, whether it be to the team or just the OPL, I feel like the players kind of look up to me. Recently I have been trying to lead by example and become the best player I have ever been. I want to give them confidence in knowing they can always rely on me to do well and bring them out of slumps if we find ourselves in one.”

After a few stumbles over the past few weeks his team were unfortunately in one of those slumps and were unable to pick up the victory in their matches, until this past weekend when they took on Bombers in a 3-game series where they were able to take the win 2-1.

“To be honest it was one of the biggest and best wins of my career,” Juves explained after being asked about the match. “It was a new leaf for me and my journey on SIN. We probably accomplished what most people thought we couldn’t.”

After dropping the first game to the Bombers it was easy to see how disappointed the SIN boys were, and I don’t think anybody expected SIN to come back and show an absolute ripper of a game in game 2. It’s safe to assume that there was a storied pep talk delivered by Juves that helped change their mental and get them ready for the next game.

“After we lost the first game we went back to the room and I literally said to the team, ‘Alright. Screw it. This isn’t working. We are playing too safe, too by the book, trying to hit power spikes, and not taking fights.’ I said, ‘Let’s scrap it. I see fight – we fight, okay?’ We changed our mentality of being passive and trying to scale, to bringing the Fighto.”

With a 100% kill participation coming out of Juves and a huge 10k gold lead by SIN at the 40 minute mark, the Fighto truly came out and they put on a huge show, leading to the victory of that game and the next, and ultimately SIN’s first win in the OPL for this year. But they’ve got more coming for them – this weekend and the next are superweeks, and SIN will be facing Dire Wolves and Order, the 2 current top-of-the-ladder teams.

“We have been spamming soloq and playing lots of scrims to prepare for our upcoming games. We’re trying to adapt our new Fighto mentality into scrims, and honestly I think if Dire Wolves or Order aren’t careful there could be another upset coming.” he stated confidently.

“A lot of people are writing us off but honestly, we prefer it that way. Victory is always sweeter when you prove people wrong. Don’t underestimate us.”

Not a match you’ll want to miss, SIN Gaming vs Dire Wolves is on at 2pm AEDT this Sunday at twitch.tv/OPL – see you there for the Fighto!

Photo Source: Riot Games Oceania

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