After the announcement of the ORDER Army equity crowdfunding campaign, I talked to ORDER’s General Manager and OPL caster – Jake “Spawn” Tiberi on the announcement and why the ORDER has decided to take this route allowing fans to buy into the esports club.

What prompted Order towards this radically different model?

Ever since Gerard and I created Order we had the dream of it being owned by the community; we see organisations like AFL teams locally and big corporations such as Guinevere Capital and Bastion come in, and we would prefer our organisation to be owned by gamers, for gamers.

What is crowdfunding?

So crowdfunding is just a public offering where you can buy shares of the club. That means that anyone on the street would be able to invest within Order and have an ownership stake.

How will the process work?

So on Tuesday an expression of interest will launch to the gaming community, giving them an exclusive first access, which will give you all the information about what we’re doing. If you’re interested in buying into Order you’ll be able to put in your reasons and how much you’re willing to spend, and after that we’ll have a public offering where you’ll actually buy the shares.

Is there a comparative of this in “real” sports?

Yep – Green Bay Packers (NFL Team) run off a very similar model to this where their membership group owns the club.

What is the House of Order and what will be there?

The House of Order is an Australian first. It’s going to be a hub for gaming and culture to come together. So picture a lounge where you’re able to order food and drink, but you’re also able to play video games with your friends, watch esports, maybe listen to live music, and come together with the community about something you care about. At the same time it will also house Order’s esports teams, so you’ll be able to meet the players, and there will be broadcasting and production facilities so we can run grassroot community tournaments from there and broadcast our games.

What’s the incentive for someone to take part?

I guess this is kind of 2 fold – 1, you get to be a part of a community that is coming together and supporting Oceania’s newest and fastest growing team. On the other hand, esports is a multi million dollar industry that only continues to increase in value, so not only is it a cool thing to get involved in, money wise it just makes sense.

Who is this targeted at, and what would be the incentive for a casual esports fan?

This is targeted at esports fans in general. We want people that support Order and support Oceanic esports to get involved in a club at a stakeholder level. You don’t have to be super rich, all you really have to do is be very passionate and I think Oceania has some of the best fans.

What benefit do the Order players now have?

This will give the players a best-in-class office facility in the heart of Melbourne CBD to work and train from. One of the biggest issues currently in esports is that you live and train in the same environment, and this facility will allow us to break that trend. We believe that it’s much healthier for our players to have a home environment that is free of the stress of the everyday esports life. It also gives our players a base from which they can interact with on a very personal level with their fans, and start to have community based events.

How do you feel about this exciting first for esports?

I’m incredibly excited to be apart of the organisation that is willing to drive Oceanic esports to the next level. I think this is a fantastically unique way to do that and I really hope that Order fans get involved.

You can check out the announcement here.

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