“I expect us to take the win 2-0 today.”

Confident words coming from Legacy’s mid lane and captain Claire when asked about their much-anticipated match against Avant Gaming today. Before the weekend, Legacy were tied first with Order at 6 points; they haven’t dropped a single game since the OPL’s first split of 2018 started 2 weekends ago.

“I’m not surprised at all to see that we’re sitting at the top of the ladder.” states Claire. “It’s still early in the split and we haven’t played any ‘top’ teams on stage yet so it’s definitely expected. However, I do believe that once we’ve played every team once we’ll still be at the top of the standings. Nobody rates Legacy high this split and I think that’s understandable due to how our roster looks on paper, however the infrastructure that Legacy has provided, coaching from Soulstrikes, and our scrim results makes me believe that we are a serious grand finals contender.”

Sybol, Legacy’s current jungler, had a similar disposition:

“Being at the top after week 2 feels nice but in perspective means nothing. I just want to keep improving our performance so we can stay there. I think we can put ourselves above Order.”

Though even though they’re currently ranked at the top, Legacy still haven’t hit the rift with their roster in full form. Week three finally brings us all the teams’ complete rosters, today will be Legacy’s big debut of their top lane Korean import Mimic. Coming from what is arguably the strongest region in the world, Mimic brings with him an intimidating wealth of experience; not only has he spent time competing at challenger level in Korea, Mimic has also played in Europe and was previously a sub for South Korean team KT Rolster. Despite this, many people in the OCE scene are currently in the dark about Mimic and his skills, but all of Legacy are saying that their competitors have got something coming for them.

“I think Mimic’s debut will make everyone who’s doubting us from our first 2 matches change their minds. We’ve been playing with a sub, and Mimic plays a huge role in our communication/macro; we rely on him a lot.” Claire stated. “I think he will impress a lot of people and I believe he can be the best top laner in Oceania.”

Legacy’s ex-jungler Carbon, who is now the “Head of Esports” at AFC Esports, is more than excited to finally show off their newly acquired import to the scene.

“Mimic is extremely talented; He is very vocal and is constantly shotcalling during scrims. We’re anticipating his debut performance today as he’s known in other regions as a great LAN player.”

Now that all the puzzle pieces that is Legacy’s current line up have come together, it’s time for them to focus on their match against Avant Gaming, who are currently sitting pretty at 5th on the ladder. After making a great show against SIN in week 1, and an unfortunate fall to Chiefs in week 2, it is hard to determine exactly where Avant is at.

“Our match vs AV will be really exciting. I can see they’re going into it really hungry to win, but I don’t think they’ll be able to take the series.” says Sybol.

Claire had a similar sentiment, saying:

“My initial impression on AV this split was that they looking clean and coordinated despite ‘downgrading’ their roster. But after watching them play Chiefs last weekend I think I might have rated them a bit too high in my head. I expect us to take the win 2-0 today.”

Whilst many of us may be thinking the same as Claire, a little unsure about Avant’s performances so far, what we are sure of is that it will be exciting to see these two teams take each other on. It’s safe to say that this will be a determining match in seeing how Legacy will come together and perform throughout the split.

Legacy vs Avant will be live at 2pm AEDT at twitch.tv/opl – see you there!

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