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POSTED BY Agus July 12, 2018 in Articles
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Before announcing everything, if you’ve been following our esports content for the last year or so, we’d like to thank you for supporting local esports. We created Respawn Ninja to help drive local esports content further and feature the talent we have. When we first started back in early 2017, no one was really covering esports in our region so we set a goal for ourselves to try and cover every corner of our local scene. Everything went well but there was still a lot of trial and error to get us to where we are today.

Earlier this year, we looked at our content from 2017 and decided to make some changes. We really don’t want to be a PR news site, we’ve been there, done that and the esports audience consumes news faster on social media platforms well before we even get a chance to announce it. So we’ve started to do more feature content, remove things like previews, recaps etc. and limit news to the important stuff. You’ve probably seen us launch a few videos with OPL teams and stuff like the State of DOTA videos. These videos were well received and we look to do more of this type of content in the near future.

So from now on, going forward – we’re mostly focusing on stories, features and the people that play the games within our region and our website will reflect this after this weekend. This is our passion as a community esports site.

We’re also getting more hands on with esports locally. In the past, we ran things like the Weekend Warriors PUBG season which saw a great number of the community get involved and support a ‘just for fun’ semi competitive tournament. It ran pretty well for our first event and we couldn’t have done it without the support of companies like Viewsonic and our parent company MWAVE. So if you’re looking for more events like this, keep an eye out as we’re working on more coming soon.

Elaborating on the more hands on approach to esports, we’re officially announcing our foray into pro-am teams under the banner: RESPAWN NINJA BLACK. Our first roster announcement is a team we’ve signed up recently to represent our brand in Fortnite. As Fortnite grows and the announcement of future tournaments for all levels, we’ve decided to pick up this squad to help brand and support them for the upcoming competitions. Along with a CSGO roster built around Peter “Pecks” Nguyen, we’re delighted to be able to support and grow esports in Australia in a more direct way.

Again, thanks for the support from the community, the organisations and the players plus the support we get from the companies. We hope our new direction in content and community will showcase more of what our scene has to offer.

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