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Respawn Ninja operates an entertainment and video game website that provides the latest news, previews, and reviews that focus on the goings-on in entertainment and other industries. Respawn Ninja also specialize in services such as video production, content production and social media for third-party organisations and brands.

The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Australia. As of July 31, 2015, Respawn Ninja operates as a subsidiary of ESEL PTY LTD. Respawn Ninja was formerly known as TheGamersPad.

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Learn more about Respawn Ninja’s audience and demographics with our snapshot statistics below:

We have a near 50/50 ratio for visitors based on gender:

54.15% Male | 45.85% Female

We have a high percentage of readers sitting in the young adult age group:

27.50% 18-24 | 33.50% 25-34 | 15.50% 35-44

Our top percentage of readers are local with the 2nd being United States:

34.31% Australia | 23.04% United States

Monthly Traffic:

Respawn Ninja attracts on average 150K+ Visits with approximately 30K+ Unique Visitors a month

(Numbers collected from November 2018)

Social Media:

Facebook 1,800+ Likes
Twitter 5,300+ Followers
YouTube 700+ Subscribers
Instagram 510+ Followers

(Numbers collected from January 2019)

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With the esports industry growing rapidly locally and internationally, Respawn Ninja has hand-picked a dedicated team for our esports focus. From ex-players, casters and ex-community managers – our team has a massive background in esports.

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Content Driven SERVICES

From video production to social media, our team also specializes in esports content services. We’ve worked with different organisations and brands to level up their content.

Here’s a sample of our video with Outpost Group based in Melbourne:

Contact us today about building content for your esports brand: hello@respawn.ninja

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Stream Team – Powered by TWITCH

Respawn Ninja also manages its own team of streamers and influencers working with brands such as Intel, BenQ and more.

Stream Team Snapshot

    • Total Followers: 42,000 +
    • Total Views: 1.1 Million +
    • Total Streamers: 8 Members
    • Twitch Partners: 2 Members
  • Active 7 Days a Week

If you’re a company looking to push your brand within the gaming and esports space with our streamers/influencers, we offer competitive packages. You can enquire here: hello@respawn.ninja