Both JAM Gaming and Corvidae, in association with Bethesda ANZ, have announced that they will be sending 4 ANZ Quake Champions players to Quakecon, in Texas this year, to compete at the Quake Champions BYOC.

This will give Andrew ‘Python’ Cha Cham, and Daniel ‘Astroboy’ De Sousa of JAM Gaming and Frazer ‘Fraze’ Hockley, and Tyler ‘Steej’ Joseph of Corvidae an opportunity to prove themselves in Quake Champions first event.

The Quake Champions BYOC (bring your own computer) is a qualifying LAN event in which the top eight players will qualify for the QuakeCon finals. The QuakeCon finals will see 32 players competing – with the other 24 being made up of players who qualified through the European and North American online regional qualifiers.  

Importantly, all four of these players would’ve had to try to qualify through the North American online regional qualifiers to make it to the finals. This is because, and as the graphic above shows, there was no ANZ regional qualifier – only North American and European quals. This forced any ANZ players to either try and qualify online on international servers or find the money to attend the BYOC LAN.

Qualifying online is a near impossible task given the high latency issues ANZ players are forced to deal with when playing on NA servers. Yet, this is a challenge veteran Quake player astroboy was willing to take. Astroboy actually managed to qualify for the NA regional qualifier, by grinding his way through the NA scene on 200+ ping and making it into NA’s top 32 players.

Now Astroboy and his other three Australian duellers will be given an opportunity to battle the worlds top players on equal footing at the BYOC qualifying LAN.

Bethesda is specifically helping the ANZ players through guaranteeing PC’s when they arrive at the event and assisting in the promotional side of things. Both the organisations will still be paying for the travel costs.

The community has levelled criticism at Bethesda for pushing the event and its qualifiers too soon after the games release. Many think the game needs more fine-tuning and balance work before a competition is built for its top players.

Regardless of these potential issues though, the players, organisations, publisher and general scene remain very excited and optimistic.

Daniel ‘Astroboy’ De Sousa of JAM said on his trip to Texas:

“It is great to be back playing the only game I have a true passion for. It’s been a long time since I have played at an international level but I hope that everyone has not forgotten about me; if they have they will soon see. When I first saw the new game I loved everything about it and then I saw duel and felt like the changes from Quake Live really suited my play style even more. The game does play a lot differently but I have been practicing hard out on both Australian and American servers to get in the maximum possible games and test my brain vs. aim on high ping (it is hard don’t try this at home). I am very excited to be playing for JAM Gaming and just really want to put everything I have into this trip. Chris has been very accommodating and patient while I made this decision but make no mistake I’ll be coming for first place. Keen to spread some JAM!”

Tyler ‘Steej’ Joseph from Corvidae commented:

“This will be my first time playing internationally, but for those who don’t know I played Quake Live on and off for the past few years and was still grinding away in duel when things started to slow down. I’ve had great amounts of practice against top Australian players in Quake Live and now in Quake Champions. I have a lot of potential in this game and even more so that I’m enjoying playing it so much. I think I am going to surprise a lot of people – I hope to put on some exciting games for anyone who gets to see me play, and of course qualify! Thanks to Corvidae for giving me this opportunity, I know that this experience will only improve my game for future events and raise the level of Australian players when we return home.”

The BYOC qualifier will start on the 24th of August while the QuakeCon finals will start on the same day and continue till the 26th. The regional finals for both North America and Europe will play out on the 5th-6th of August.