Chiefs have made their third roster move in the last three months with the removal of Peter “pecks” Nguyen in favour of Samuel “flickz” Jones. With this change, just two players from the Chiefs lineup that participated at IEM Sydney 2017 remain, Liam “malta” Schembri and Tyler “tucks” Reilly. flickz will be reunited with two former Athletico teammates, Matthew “Texta” O’Rourke and coach Alex “MAGIKKK” Langusch, as pecks is relegated to the bench.

The team’s outspoke in-game leader, tucks, took time out of his busy practice schedule to discuss the team’s recent changes.

If it weren’t for INS and aliStair leaving for Tainted Minds and ORDER respectively, do you think you guys would’ve made roster changes?

Tough one to answer. I felt that just before INS left, we were really starting to pick ourselves back up again, but you never know.

Your last LAN event was CG Masters in December of last year, which you managed to win after about a week with Texta. How prepared were you going into that event? Do you think Tainted were as prepared with new addition INS?

I think we had about an extra week on Tainted in regards to practice, and it probably isn’t fair to say we would have won if we had the same amount of time to practice, but Texta performed at a very high level which would have been hard to stop regardless.

How do you, as the in-game leader, go about using a player as skilled as Texta?

I just decided to bring him into the way we played, and went from there. He’s very good at finding kills and giving your team an advantage, which is why we have him as the entry/second man in.

“Texta was the first new player to join Chiefs in close to nine months” – Source: ESL

After losing aliStair, you added sterling, a young AWPer with little experience at the top end of the scene. How much freedom is he afforded round-to-round?

Sterling is allowed to do whatever he wants, although we have certain ways we’d like him to play, we completely trust he knows what he’s doing. We’re trying to get him to be a bit more aggressive because he’s just naturally a more passive AWPer.

Was it important for you guys to get a main AWPer, despite yourself being able to fill that role when needed?

Yeah, to be honest I really hated AWPing but at times I felt it necessary to AWP. Although Ali was a really sharp AWPer and could have a lot of impact, he struggled in other parts of AWPing. To his credit, he did try to really put in effort and improve on it. If he stayed in the team, I would have asked him to AWP again.

Your most recent change is the removal of pecks for flickz. pecks was a member of the team for just over a year. What can you tell me about this decision?

I think flickz is just a really good player, who can have a lot of impact on a game. He’s a very good lurker and clutcher. That’s all it was really, Pete did nothing wrong and I still think he can be a really strong player. At the moment we just needed to make an upgrade and flickz was the perfect fit for us.

“flickz joins Chiefs after departing ex-Athletico, a team that features the likes of NikkeZ, deStiny and Sync” – Source: ESL

It was strange to see this change being made after a period of play with coach MAGIKKK standing in for yourself and then malta. Was any of pecks’ or the team’s gameplay during this period a factor in the roster move?

No not at all. Since playing with MAGIKKK we have just been pugging it and trying to run over teams, which hasn’t really worked that well haha. Nobody’s gameplay during this period affected anything regarding the change.

flickz hasn’t been the stand-out player in his last few lineups. What can you tell me about the role he’ll be playing for the team?

I disagree. Even when flickz played with Texta, who was their consistent star, he played a huge role in all of their big victories. He constantly had a massive amount of impact against top teams whenever they would be getting their big upset wins. It always surprised me how underrated he was.