Tainted Minds is one of three APAC teams competing at the upcoming 2017 Call of Duty World League (CWL) Championship where they will take on the best from around the world for a $1.5 Million USD prize pool. The team which has undergone some major roster changes to qualifying at the 2017 CWL APAC Last Chance Qualifier took some spare time from their boot-camp to answer a few questions:

Congratulations on qualifying for the 2017 CWL Championships, how’s the atmosphere in the Tainted Minds camp?

The atmosphere here at the Tainted Minds bootcamp has been great, everyone is loving the nice warm weather Florida has to offer. We are extremely excited to be here and represent the APAC region at the Call of Duty World Championship.

Being one of the three teams from our region heading to the 2017 CWL Championships – how are you guys preparing to take on the world’s best?

Our lovely organisation was kind enough to fund a bootcamp for 7 days prior to Champs, during this time we have been able to scrim a lot of top NA teams. During the days we have been doing a lot of VOD reviewing and strategizing leaving the night time free for scrims.

There’s been quite a few changes for the Tainted Minds squad heading into CWL. How has the new players impacted on the team?

After the departure of Denz and Zeus, Tainted Minds was left with a big hole to fill, stepping up to the team was Swifty and Skrzm but after a poor placement at CWL Sydney 2 this seen Skrzm being replaced by none other than Excite. Since Excite has joined the team he has brought a lot of game knowledge and international experience which has helped our team play immensely.

You guys have been drawn into Group F – what do you think of the draw and the challenges that lie ahead?

Obviously no pool at Champs is easy but we are confident going into pool play. We have been drawn with European Fnatic which will be the biggest challenge in our pool but in saying that both Evil geniuses and Str8 Rippin are no slouches.

Tainted Minds have been drawn with Str8 Rippin who are a fairly new team entering CWL, do you guys see them as a threat within the group?

Str8 Rippen are a very strong team and shouldn’t be underestimated. They recently dropped Sinful and picked up Temp. Anyone who follows Cod knows how dangerous Temp can be. As for seeing them as a threat? All the teams attending champs are a threat, 32 of the best teams all competing under one roof.

MindFreak Black is one of the three teams heading to CWL, what are your thoughts on the roster joining both you Tainted Minds and MindFreak whom usually dominate the top side of our region?

We couldn’t be happier that Mindfreak Black are the third team joining us to represent the APAC region as they are a very strong team and also close mates.

How far do you think Tainted Minds can go at CWL?

As any other team heading to champs our main goal is to win. We are confident in our own gameplay and if we stick to our game plan and play disciplined we can go all the way.


Tainted Minds will compete in Group F at Call of Duty World League Championship from August 9-13, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. They will be up against Fnatic, Evil Genuises and Str8 Rippin. Get updates from Tainted Minds by following them on Twitter here.