With the conclusion of matchday two of the WPGI League three more teams have gained a victory whilst the other three have unfortunately lost theirs – let’s take a look and see how each match went down.

Game One: Incept vs. Ravens

Kicking off on de_dust 2 Ravens were late to the party as their opponent Incept were able to get off to an astonishing 5-0 lead. However as the match progressed Ravens soon woke up and brought the game to its absolute limits in overtime and eventually closing it out 19-17 against their worthy adversaries – a great spectacle of Counter-Strike.

Game Two: Athletico vs. Mythix

With match one coming as a nail biter, audiences were expecting the same with Athletico against Mythix and much like Incept’s ability to get to an early lead Athletico also able to do the same. However Mythix were determined to show their potential on de_cache and within merely a few rounds they were right back in the match; ultimately leading the first half 10-5 in their favour. Athletico now on the back foot adjusted flawlessly and they were straight back to their winning ways, closing out the map 16-11.

Game Three: Corvidae vs. Dark Sided

The last match of the day arrives and much like last series, the two teams were to battle it out on de_cache. Dark Sided with their victory last week sought to do the same today as they blitz their first half 13-2 against Corvidae. Corvidae now with it all to do managed to get going a respectable comeback  however inevitably the other bird came through with the finish; Dark Sided victory 16-7.

Current Standings


Player of the day: Rachelele with a K-D of 30-16 on de_cache against Athletico Esports