With Super Smash Bros. on Switch coming later this year, I had a chat with a handful of the top professional players in the country from both the Wii U and Melee scene and asked what they personally would love to see in the Switch iteration of Smash, with no restrictions applied. Here’s what they said!

Masterminds’ JoshuaSora” Lyras
I could be selfish and just say Melee mechanics, but I really want them to have a good story mode. The reason they got rid of story mode last time was because all of the cutscenes were shared on YouTube, which was so dumb! I loved the story mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a kid, and to have a new set of people being able to experience that would be above all else for me.

Dark Sided’s Te Tuhi “Spud” Kelly
Funimation wants Goku in that game, and if Goku was in Smash Switch I’d play it — easily. Even if he sucked!

Kanga Esports’ Jonathan “Jdizzle” Douglas
I wouldn’t mind the gameplay to be a bit faster than Smash on Wii U. I really like the way Smash Wii U is right now in terms of mechanics, but I think the main thing that needs to be fixed with it is the rage mechanic. Characters like Bayonetta and Zero Suit Samus can get really early kills, which can ruin the fun for some people because they can jank their wins a bit. So maybe a better balancing of that, and maybe not giving characters easy kill confirms would be good too. So I think a bit of balancing, and smarter designing would be really good for Smash on Switch. Smash on Wii U did things well, they just needed to fine-tune stuff a bit more.

Jason “Duon” Mustapic
For the longest time — and he was supposed to be in Smash 64 but I think something happened with Rare — I’d say having Banjo Kazooie in this game would commit me to it for the rest of my life. Even if the character was complete garbage, I would just be that one person still playing the character!

Dark Sided’s Nick “Extra” McKenzie
Something that I thought about that would really switch up the formula is having a tag team 3v3 system — like what Dragon Ball FighterZ does. So three characters, and then you can tag them in for assists and whatnot. I’d reckon that’d be a really interesting mix up for the formula and something I’d enjoy because I love playing a lot of characters and getting more variety out of the game.

Jack “Pudge” Gorman
Can I give you two answers as two different people? So for Pudge the Tournament Organiser, I’d really like a way to get people to attend tournaments and make them interested in the competitive side of things. So I’d say a live tournament viewer in the game would be awesome — a little thing in the main menu that would say ‘hey, this tournament’s on now, come watch!’ and you click that, and it shows you the tournament. That would be god-like. And as a player, I’d love to see Solaire from Dark Souls as a playable character in the game. I would – no joke – cry.

Super Smash Bros. is set to launch this year on Nintendo Switch.