Last night, JAM Gaming announced that Blake ‘Castiel’ Asquith will joining the organisation competing in Injustice 2 with Youssef Faddoul managing the team.You can check out the interview with Blake ‘Castiel’ Asquith here.

Today, we’re revealing the 2nd player to join the team – meet Duc or Dooky, a competitive Street Fighter player for JAM Gaming. Check out the interview below conducted by Youssef Faddoul with Duc.

Who are you (name, gamer tag, age)? What game do you compete in and how long have you been competing?

Hi my name is Duc (pronounced like book) I am 20 years of age and go by the alias Dooky . I compete in the world known epic fighting game franchise called Street Fighter and have been doing so for 5 years. I am currently playing/competing in the latest iteration in the series SFV.

What drew you to competitive fighting games particularly your fighting game of choice?

Well… it kinda happened at random to be honest. I was never truly into fighting games and never really played many growing up. When I was 14 years old I received a copy of Super Street fighter 4 from my auntie as a birthday present at COMPLETE random, believe me on this I didn’t even ask for it haha. At the same time about a week before I was surfing YouTube and randomly stumbled across the “EVO moment #37” video, and I remember thinking “HOLY S**T that was epic! …… I wanna do that, I wanna make the crowd go wild, I wanna BE THE BEST.”

Why do you play the character(s) you play?

At the moment I am playing Guile as my main and I guess Zangief as an alt. I think they are both top 5 in this season, I feel they are very strong solid characters and can definitely win.  A lot of people know me for my Ryu though which I guess is flattering in a way. I did main him in season 1 but unfortunately Ryu in season 2 is below average… I mean I CAN still play him and I still do from time to time whether it be online or offline casuals but there are characters that can do EXACTLY what he does but better and more.  I’m not saying this to blow my horn or anything but I can play many different Characters in SFV to an above average level in my opinion and depending on how I think my opponent’s playstyle is, I will pick whichever character I feel will give me the best chance of winning.

What are your hopes and aspirations for the next 12 months?

I really wanna try and make top 8 at all majors that I enter at the very least. I would like to travel overseas especially Japan and America to be able to compete with the internationals and gain some experience, and of course beat them haha.

Why did you join the JAM family?

Landing a sponsorship for fighting games has always been on my mind ever since my fellow Adelaide brethren Adric ‘’Falco’’ Middleton signed up with team DarkSided. To be completely honest I was kinda envious of Adric when I saw him rocking up to an offline meetup one night wearing this super cool jersey with his name on it and stuff hahaha. At that moment I realised I wanted one too, I wanted to make a name for myself in the FGC, I want people to know me as that GODLIKE SF player and I guess joining JAM was gonna be my first step out of a thousand to reaching my ultimate dream.

What do wish to achieve under the JAM banner?

I wanna do well at all tournaments carrying JAM on my shoulder. Doing well as in making top 8 consistently and of course winning an Australian major would be nice as well. But I don’t plan to stop here. I want to carry that momentum and success overseas as well.

What is your proudest memory to date in your competitive career?

My proudest memory in my competitive career so far would be the time when I came 12th place at my first ever major in 2014. Ultra-Street fighter 4 was hot back then and I was really just an online warrior trying my hand out at an offline event for fun so I wasn’t expecting to do well at all. Turns out I managed to become a big threat in the Australian fighting game scene and sort of like a dark horse, I was even was called a PRODIGY by many people so that was pretty cool. I did place 2nd place at SXC (Southern Cross Championship) 2016 for SFV but the reason why I’m not proud of that is because I was over confident in myself and I really thought I would take 1st place free. I remember working extremely hard for 3 months before the tournament and it became sort of like an expectation of me to win. But I guess 2nd isn’t so bad either haha.

Any final words or shout-outs?

I would like to thank the South Australian Fighting Game Community for helping me build my foundation in the competitive scene, if It wasn’t for them I wouldn’t know anything about this epic community full of fun and talented people. Shout outs to TEAM WhatsApp! LMAO I’ve known you guys for 4 years now and I must say you are all complete goofballs but I consider you all as family, love you guys.

Shout outs to my non FGC friends DON12321 , TAN THE FLASH, AZN JACKIE and SPONGE NICK SQUARE PANTZ, you guys have been there in the beginning and now you get to see me walk the path of the warrior.

And of course I can’t forget my JAMFAM. Thank you Youssef, Chris and JAM for giving me this opportunity to fulfil my goals. I will work hard and I hope I can do  you guys proud. Shout outs to my fellow JAM team mates, I hope you guys kick all kinds of ass in your games. LET’S DO THIS!

JAM Gaming also have one more player to reveal tomorrow, check back for that announcement. You can keep an eye on Respawn Ninja for the interviews. Check out JAM.GG for more information on the team and organisation.