The very first CWL event of the 2018 Call of Duty World League is kicking off this weekend and with precious pro points up for grabs, we saw various teams from the APAC region travelled all the way to Dallas to compete.

One of the teams attending is SYF GAMING whom is currently ranked second on the pro points leaderboard. I caught up with with SYF GAMING’s Reef ‘Eminence’ Galloway briefly before heading to Dallas.

Can you give some background on yourself?

My name is Reef ‘Eminence’ Galloway, 20 years old and have been competing in Call of Duty for 5 years now.

With Call of Duty going back to boots-on-the-ground, were there any difficulties adjusting to the new season?

We transitioned rather smoothly our whole entire roster had experience on previous boots on the ground titles with majority of us competing in the top 8. CTF was a tad slow but we’ve come right on that now.

SYF came first in the recent CWL APAC 2K Series, tell me more about the results and what you guys have learnt from the games.

We felt like we had finally earned a victory. We’ve put in a lot of work since game release with constant top 4 placings in 2ks, we continued to improve week after week. That improvement showed with our win I feel.

We’ve seen some of the region’s best like Mindfreak and TM dropping out of the last CWL APAC 2K Series, do you believe the new game will change up the results this season?

I don’t think the new game will change much. Already the top 6-8 teams have remained the same from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. I just think a few teams got better from their previous boots on the ground experience.

CWL Dallas is coming up this week, what kind of preparation and training have you guys been doing?

We’ve been practicing pretty much every single night since launch of WWII. Practiced on all 3 game modes equally and feel like our versatility is at an all time high.

Heading into CWL Dallas, how are you guys feeling about fighting it out in the open brackets?

Open Bracket is a new experience to all 4 of us. But with how the team has been playing recently, if we continue down that track & play with confidence we should be able to make it out of such a stacked Open Bracket.

CWL Dallas kicks off this weekend. With only one spot for APAC in the pool play, the rest have to battle it out in the open brackets. Follow SYF GAMING twitter to keep up to the date with the team.