JAM Gaming has announced that they’ve entered the fighting game community (FGC) scene with the signing of Blake Asquith, AKA Castiel – a player currently competing in Injustice 2 plus manager Youssef Faddoul. The newly formed team of three will the first move for the organisation into the scene.

Newly appointed JAM Gaming FGC manager Youssef Faddoul caught up with Blake to discuss about the joining the family:

Who are you (name, gamer tag, age)? What game do you compete in and how long have you been competing?

My name is Blake Asquith, AKA Castiel, and I am 19. I’m currently competing in Injustice 2, however started with Mortal Kombat X at the start of last year.

What drew you to competitive fighting games particularly your fighting game of choice?

I originally bought the first Injustice years ago out of love for DC characters, I had no idea what a fighting game was at the time. I ended up buying MKX as it was similar to Injustice. I made some noise around the right people and one thing just led to another.

Why do you play the character(s) you play?

I will never play low tier in a competitive game, ever. I see no point in hindering my chances due to loyalty to a character. That being said, I tend to try and pick the character I like the most out of those who are considered the best.

What are your hopes and aspirations for the next 12 months?

My hopes for the next 12 months is just to continue what I’m currently doing and work towards being completely untouchable at Injustice 2. I’m currently undefeated, however there are definitely some people who could change that on any given day.

Blake Asquith competing at BAM8 – Source: CouchWarrior

Why did you join the JAM family?

I joined JAM because I feel like it is a perfect opportunity for my current situation. I will continue to grind and compete regardless, however now I have an organisation behind me that can help me do so even more and hopefully I can in turn give back to them.

What do wish to achieve under the JAM banner?

My goals while under the JAM banner are very similar to my goals for the next 12 months. However I also hope to become a successful streamer while under the brand and of course defeat any other organisations that are in the FGC.

What is your proudest memory to date in your competitive career?

My proudest memory of my competitive career would be OzHadou Nationals 14 for MKX. It was a super stacked tournament, everyone was at their peak, and it was an awesome weekend. Although I finished in 2nd, it motivated me even more to start winning.

Any final words or shout outs?

Shoutouts to my Queensland boys Sam, Trent , Spring, Jordan, Sean, and Alex :heart: . The other half of Casminator and my eternal rival DarkSided Wazminator. Youssef for taking care of everything. My fighting game life coaches Baxter, Falco and Googie. And of course Chris and everyone else involved in JAM.

JAM Gaming will also be revealing the other two players in their FGC team from tomorrow. You can keep an eye on Respawn Ninja for the interviews. Check out JAM.GG for more information on the team and organisation.