Sin Gaming vs Legacy Esports

Week 3 starts off with a tough match-up for Sin Gaming as they take on Legacy Esports. Sin have shown a mixed performance over the last two weeks, going down in two consecutive tight matches. If they’ve got any hope of winning they’re going to want to figure out how to throw Legacy out of their groove. Legacy is a team they can truly carry out of any lane and their new bot lane seems to be taking to the OPL like ducks to water.

Respawn Ninja Predictions: 2-0 Legacy Esports

Abyss Esports vs Avant Garde

Abyss sit a single spot above Exile 5 on the OPL standings with a single game over Sin Gaming back from week one. Unfortunately, It’s going to be hard for them to get a win come week 3. Avant Garde looked sharp last week, coming in with absolute confidence that should carry across to week 3.

Respawn Ninja Predictions: 2-0 Avant Garde

Chiefs Esports vs Exile 5

You don’t have to be a psychic to foresee the probably result of this matchup come Sunday. The Chiefs Esports Club looked much more comfortable last week against the OPL’s dark horse Tainted Minds, so Exile 5 should be no issue for them. Though, this is competitive League of Legends and anything can happen. Will it though? Probably not.

Respawn Ninja Predictions: 2-0 Chiefs

Dire Wolves vs Tainted Minds

This is by far the most exciting match up of week 3. Both teams have fallen to current OPL defending champions the Chiefs and are looking to prove who is the superior team. DW’s top laner Chippy’s had some strong words to say after last weeks games and if his confidence is anything to go by Tainted Minds are in for a rough time. Regardless, Tainted Minds are no pushovers and I expect this series to be a good one between two of OPL’s elite.

Respawn Ninja Predictions: Dire Wolves 2-1 Tainted Minds