Fnatic, after securing the hottest Australian talent in Rainbow Six Siege, are ready to prove that this time, under the orange and black banners, that this championship is theirs. Coming off a huge victory a month ago at the APAC Lan finals, Fnatic are ready to bring the fight once again, but this time with more ferocity and determination than their last showing at the Six Invitational.

Previously under the Mindfreak name, the team had an amazing showing in Canada for the ESL Six Invitational over three months ago. Finishing in the Top 8 truly showed what this team was capable of, after the team only secured a second placing in the APAC Qualifier, losing to Japan’s EiNs in the Grand Final. Both teams highlighted the ability of APAC, as they went on to have impressive performances with strong international teams, with Mindfreak managing to eliminate Brazil’s Team Liquid.

This time around however, will we see the redemption for the Fnatic squad, as not only a slight roster change and brand switch gives Fnatic even more confidence and determination to prove that they are not only the best team in Australia, but the best team in the world.

Ethan ‘RizRaz’ Wombwell, star fragger for the team says his team is up to the challenge.

“I personally believe we have a solid chance at winning this event, but it all has to come one step at a time. First we beat Team Liquid then we face whatever is in front of us next.

“This time ‘round we’re preparing with a boot camp. We flew over to Atlantic City a week early to scrim other teams and prepare before the entire event.”

Their preparation alone shows how determined this team is for victory. During the Six Invitational, we didn’t hear this same tenacity and hunger for victory out of these boys, they were just there to try and get a win or two. This time however, it’s a whole different story for these dominating Aussies.

We saw what amazing gun skill and strategy that Fnatic showed off during the recent APAC Lan, as the team only lost one whole map in the entire event, even managing to 10-0 a team, proving their sheer dominance. While an international event is a whole new ball game for these star players, they have the experience now to tackle the best teams in the world.

Team Manager and Coach Jayden ‘Dizzle’ Saunders gave his humble view on the event.

“Every team here is of a very high calibre. No team can afford not to turn up for every second of every round. We have beaten Team Liquid before and have set out to do it again and secure a Top 4 spot.

“If we make that(Top 4) we will face either FaZe Clan or Millenium, both are very strong teams. If we play our best then we may even be able to reach the Grand Final. We just have to play our game until the last minute.”

If the teams last showing is any indicator of what is to come, they could be walking away from Atlantic City as the Season 7 Pro League Champions. This is by no means the same Australian team we saw at their last international event.

As aforementioned Fnatic recently changed brands from Mindfreak and also switched players, as Connor ‘Kngz’ Wickham was replaced by Daniel ‘NeophyteR’ An. After a shaky start, the roster seems to have made the new acquisition work very well. Securing their place in Atlantic City showed the roster’s potential, now it will truly be tested this weekend.

Daniel ‘NeophyteR’ An shares his thoughts on competing on an international stage for the first time, and joining this experienced roster.

“When I first joined the team I was quite nervous. My first thought was ‘Am I good enough to play at this level?’ but after a few scrims I felt more confident that I fit well into my new role.

“Being my first international event it’s quite scary to think i’ll be up there soon. But I’m sure once I sit down and focus on the game I’ll start clicking heads. If we keep our cool and work together then victory will come easy for us.”

Etienne ‘Magnet’ Rousseau, Team Captain of Fnatic and one of the star performers of the team in recent events, doesn’t know defeat however. The confidence never seems to waver with this team, proving that while Australians are the underdogs and that APAC as a whole are at a large disadvantage heading into big events like this, nothing will stop Fnatic’s journey to victory and championship glory. You have got to be proud of the Aussie lads, who have their biggest challenge yet laid out in front of them, against foreign teams, foreign fans and a foreign stage. Surely the bias will come into play and make the struggle that much more difficult for the boys.

However Magnet doesn’t think anything of it, as he strongly believes in his teammates and believes that they can win.

The reason for our confidence, is because we believe that if you think you can win or lose, you are right. We are definitely feeling nervous before our game, however this just means that we are ready. If you don’t believe you can achieve something, you’ve already lost.

“To all our Australian fans – Thanks for the support, we wouldn’t have gotten this much motivation without you.”

You can catch Fnatic in action and support the boys *yeah the boys*, in their Quarterfinal match against Team Liquid at 10am on Twitch.tv/rainbow6.