The first open qualifier for season three of the Rainbow Six Siege ANZ kicks off this weekend as local hopefuls will battle it out to qualify for the upcoming ANZ Invitational and APAC Pro League. I caught up with James “YoungGuns” Arthur from Surge Esports, a roster that was formed from two previously disbanded teams.

With the APAC region now part of the Pro League with a path for a team to represent our region on the main stage at Sao Paulo, Brazil in November – YoungGuns has commented that “this is a major step in leveling the playing field with the more experienced regions.”

“I think it’s great that Australian Rainbow Six is finally expanding to the world scene. Esports is still very young in ANZ”. Two LAN finals in Sydney shows that Ubisoft isn’t mucking around when it comes to this season of Rainbow Six giving plenty of opportunities for growth with this title.

The team placed 5th in the CyberGamer Open Ladder for their first season but had to make some changes to their line-up for the upcoming Pro League. “Our current core team have been playing together since the team was originally formed.” said YoungGuns  which was formed from Ninja Esports and Vendetta but with the 18+ ruling in the Pro League the team was forced to trial their new line-up. “This left us with only four capable players and so we are currently working hard with our trial members to see who is fit for our final core position.”

With Mindfreak the dominant team in the console space for Rainbow Six Siege within the APAC region with experience overseas, the new Pro League forced the roster to move towards PC. Asking YoungGuns about their transition, he mentioned “I’m excited to see their playstyle in the coming weeks, both due to their overseas and console experience which will definitely change the dynamic of the way they play.” … Mindfreak are definitely a team to watch out for.

Touching base on the current development of Rainbow Six Siege, the title is currently going through Operation Health which is where the developers work on improvements to the game’s backend such as better servers and improved matchmaking. This means a faster tickrate and improved hit registration which has been the downfall of the game since release. YoungGuns was enthusiastic with the Operation Health mentioning it “has the potential to shape the unpolished aspects of the game to allow for a smooth gameplay experience – especially in competitive play.”

“Hopefully these quality improvements encourage more people to play, and continue to grow the rising competitive scene.”

Surge Esports Rainbow Six Siege Roster:

  • YoungGuns
  • Jdewin
  • Calibre
  • DoS
  • Scrivy

The first open qualifier kicks off this weekend which will then lead into the upcoming ANZ Invitational which features a $5,000 Prize Pool in August. You can check out more information on the Pro League here.