Week two of the Oceanic Pro League was an interesting one. Every victory on the board was a two to nil wipe, widening Legacy, Chiefs and Dire Wolves lead over the other five competitors. While there were no major upsets, these early weeks have allowed teams to check out the competition, hopefully leading to some explosive and surprising matches as the season progresses.

SIN Gaming vs. Avant Garde

2-0 win to Avant Garde

Avant Garde closed out the first game very cleanly, opting for a slow and steady play-style. SIN had a decent start but the game was won in the top lane early on. After Cuong ‘Flaresz’ Ta’s Jayce failed to have the impact he needed into Evan ‘Ceres’ Mascarenhas’s Poppy, allowing her to get tanky and gain an advantage that carried through. While SIN chased kills, Avant made sure to knock down objective after objective, controlling the match till the end.

Game two ended with Avant grinning and cheering, with this two nil offering quite a different outcome to their destruction by Legacy in week one. It was a frantic finale but SIN’s composition just didn’t come online in time. Joshua “Wizard” Russell’s Ekko had potential to do a lot of work as a varied pick, but Avant just played too reactively for it to pay off. Despite a decent showing against Abyss in week one, after this series SIN Gaming really need to step it up if they want to bring down Legacy next week.

Legacy Esports vs. Abyss Esports

2-0 win to Legacy Esports

Legacy had to play careful in their matchup against Abyss, closing out the game with a win in quite a long match. Abyss had a good start but Lawrence ‘Lost’ Hui and Andy ‘Cupcake’ Van der Vyer in the bot lane provided the powerhouse the team needed to secure a victory. Both closed out the game with zero deaths and high kill/assist counts, outplaying the opposing lane lineup.

Abyss looked decent in team fights and throughout the second game, but a huge gold league on the side of Legacy made these difficult. Even perfect executions didn’t yield easy victories, with the items on the side of Legacy holding out. Tally’s Gangplank and his ultimates were key to the Legacy win, proving their strength once again in the OPL.

Dire Wolves vs. Exile 5

2-0 win to Dire Wolves

Dire Wolves came into their week two match up with a lot of confidence. A strong laning phase for the team in game one cemented their victory here, closing out a game that could have been more clean but did the job. Exile5 did a good job of capitalising on the mistakes and forced team fights that came out of the Dire Wolves roster, but the lead was too much. A lost baron attempt sums up the Dire Wolves’ movements in match one well, with some strange decision making almost costing them big time.

Coming into game two both teams played to a higher level than in game one. Surprisingly enough, Camille and Rengar made it through the pick/ban phase, with both of them having a lot of potential to shut down the opposing side. Ryan ‘Chippys’ Short was able to score the Camille and through the rest of the draft the Dire Wolves took a much cleaner win. It was good to see Abyss to step it up and take the challenge, but in the end it wasn’t enough to topple the Dire Wolves.

Calvin ‘k1ng’ Truong has a nap pre-game

Tainted Minds vs. Chiefs Esports

2-0 win to Chiefs Esports

This was easily the series with the most potential for upset, especially with Dire Wolves drawing first blood on Chiefs during the first week. Tainted Minds are a strong team with a lot to prove, but unfortunately for them the Chiefs returned to their split-winning form and dominated the series.

The Chiefs played a very controlling game in match one, ending the game in their own time. Tainted Minds built a non-team fight centric composition into the Chiefs who answered that with dragons, baron and mid game control objectives in order to close it out. You could see the sync of the Chiefs roster as a team during this game, crafted by the shared experience of years together.

Game two saw a very similar story as the Chiefs closed game two out with advantageous picks on Tainted Minds into an ace, allowing an uncontested assault on the nexus. Mark ‘Praedeth’ Lewis’s split pushing Fiora almost worked out for Tainted Minds, allowing them to chew threw the Chiefs’ tanks. Even with a few mistakes like giving up the baron, the Chiefs’ ability to slow down, outplay and capitalise on advantages proved too much to deal with.

After this weeks games week three is looking more interesting than ever. SIN Gaming v Legacy looks to be an interesting series, as does Dire Wolves and Tainted Minds’ clash. I’m sure after the all round two to nil, teams will be going back to prepare for the upcoming match-ups.