Week 4 of the OPL will see the two teams tied for second place, Dire Wolves and Legacy, battle it out to see who will be the undisputed second place team in the OPL. So let’s take a look at this important matchup as the Dire Wolves look to continue their climb up the OPL ladder and Legacy look to bounce back from their defeat last week.

Sin’s Scintillating Performance

Before we take a look at this week’s matchup, we’ve got to take a look at Legacy’s defeat to Sin Gaming in the previous week of the OPL. It was Legacy’s first defeat of the split, and it showed several cracks in their armour.

Sin had a clear game plan going into their match with Legacy, and that was to target Legacy’s top side. In the first game, they drafted intelligently to pick up Jayce in the first rotation and shifted him to the mid lane to open up a Maokai pick and create a tank front line with massive amounts of single target crowd control. Juves focused his full attention on Legacy’s solo laners, maintaining top side vision and ensuring his own solo laners could play as aggressively as possible.

They quickly rotated their advantages in the top side into a bot lane 5v5 where both Flaresz and Wzrd were able to get to the fight before their opposition solo laners. Most importantly, they didn’t allow Legacy to catch their breath as they showed a ruthless endeavour to end the game in just over 28 minutes.

While they had some missteps in game two, Sin was able to return to the duo of Elise and Maokai that brought them success in game one. Legacy tried to counter Sin’s early game strategy with a more supportive jungle pick in Ivern but Juves was still able to find ganks across the map. He started off with a gank in the bot lane resulting in two kills going the way of Sin. Legacy’s attempts to pull back the lead went awry with a botched dive attempt leading to two more kills and an Infernal Dragon going to Sin. From then on Sin had the game by the throat and refused to let go, ending the game in just 25 minutes to defeat Legacy 2-1.

The Wolfpack Must Rise

The Dire Wolves have hovered behind the top dogs in Legacy and Chiefs for a while now, and it’s time for them to show some teeth. They’ll no doubt have looked closely at the way Sin were able to tear apart Legacy and will want to mimic that killer instinct that Sin displayed last Saturday.

They’re coming off a 2-0 victory over Tainted Minds and are equal with Legacy on points, so a victory over them will see them as sole possessors of second place. This will also be the Shernfire’s second week on stage with the team, and they’ll be hoping that some of the synergy issues have been cleaned up before they take on Legacy.

Legacy’s Bounce Back

Last week’s loss would’ve hurt Legacy’s confidence a bit, and there’s no doubt that their players simply underperformed last weekend. Claire, in particular, had a rough first game and will be looking to bounce back against Phantiks who has

Whether or not we see more Ivern from Carbon is also another question for Legacy. He tried to utilise Ivern’s defensive capabilities to control Sin’s explosive early game, but he didn’t quite look up to scratch on the pick. A week’s worth of practice could ensure that his Ivern is ready to take center stage as Ivern has become a power pick in other regions due to his team fighting prowess and ability to clear the jungle quickly.

Key Matchup – Shernfire vs. Carbon

This is a matchup of differing styles with Carbon a more vision focused jungler and Shernfire a carry oriented jungler. While they share some champions in their pools, it’s clear that Shernfire will have higher priority in his team’s picks and resources than Carbon.

Shernfire returned from his two-week ban a little rusty in Dire Wolves win last week, but he’ll be keen to put his best foot forward coming into this match up against Carbon. Many of his favoured champions from last season have fallen out of the meta but he’s still a great Elise and Graves player, and the meta is mostly focused on aggressive carry jungle play which he’s been known for.

Carbon, on the other hand, has kept with his tried and true champion pool of Elise and Lee Sin and replaced Nunu with Ivern for his support jungle pick. While Carbon has maintained his vision focused style, he’s been known to falter against junglers that get up in his face and Shernfire will be keen to press him.

Don’t expect too many surprises in the jungle pool this week as both these junglers will keep it standard and try to play their own play styles this week.


This will be a close series, but something tells me that Dire Wolves just have a bit more in the tank than Legacy right now. I expect Shernfire to mimic Juves’s high-pressure early game and if they can draft a comfortable mid lane matchup for Phantiks, they will probably be able to take the series.

Dire Wolves 2-1 Legacy