2K Games have begun teasing a new game on their social media channels, simply referred to as ADVENT at this stage. The hashtag, #ADVENT, has been set up alongside the website adventfuture.org, which currently shows advertising for a futuristic society with hints at sinister undertones. Glitches pop up in images around the site, adding eerie messages like ‘we are watching’ or ‘ADVENT is lying to you’ to the advert page. There’s an air of conspiracy to the whole picture, something that’s grabbed the attention of quite a few people.

It’s quite likely the title will be revealed at E3 this June, but for now the site provides quite a mystery. From some of the screens released so far it looks like it could be a city builder style game, but others have noted that 2K still owns the Bioshock IP, stipulating there may be something new in store for that series. Either way, the tease is certainly quite interesting, it will be very exciting to see what this turns out to be once revealed!