Razer continues their lifestyle range with another addition to their Nabu fitness wearables range called the Razer Nabu Watch.

“Not a smartwatch but a watch that’s smart” is the push for this product which is actually a standard digital watch added with a second screen that’s similar to the other Nabu products. The notifications on the second screen will be fed from your smartphone which tracks the usual fitness and sleep activity.

Incorporating the two is actually a great idea from Razer pushing their Nabu range forward. Less gear on my arms while exercising is always  a plus so instead of having a watch on one arm and a Nabu or the other, I can just carry one product. The watch also features a battery that last a year so even if the 2nd Nabu screen runs flat (which lasts approximately 7 days) – you still can continue to tell the time.


The Razer Nabu Watch will be priced at $149.99 USD RRP and comes out late January 2016. There’s a Forged edition available as well for $199.95 USD RRP with stainless steel buttons and a premium black finish for those wanting extra swag points for their timepieces – this version will be available from today exclusively from the Razer Online Store and Razer store locations . No local pricing and confirmed release dates have been announced yet.

Check out more details on the Nabu Watch on the Razer site here.