Riot Games has announced that the Ocean Week in-game event will be running on the Oceanic server from January 23rd to 31st 2016.

Summoners have been called to enlist in the local militia to protect seven key locations from a fast approaching marine terror. Each city has a set number of total points to achieve to successfully defend it. When all cities are saved and the final battle won, the grand prize will be unlocked – a community mural with your summoner name featured in a major city in Oceania.

Here’s the battle line-up:

  • Battle 1 (January 23 – 24): Melbourne
  • Battle 2 (January 25): Perth
  • Battle 3 (January 26): Adelaide
  • Battle 4 (January 27): Auckland
  • Battle 5 (January 28): Suva (Fiji)
  • Battle 6 (January 29): Brisbane
  • Battle 7 (January 30 – 31): Sydney

There’s something in it for artists and cosplayers as well. Fans who submit art in the Ocean Week competition have a chance to collaborate with a professional artist on the mural. Cosplayers can also enter a competition by submitting a photo of them fighting/defending against the dark terror.

More information on the League of Legends Ocean Week event can be found here.