During the pre-Tokyo Game Show conference by Sony PlayStation,┬áthe company announced new PS4 cover plates and Dualshock 4 coming out in the near future. Today, on the Tokyo Game Show floor – PlayStation showed off the new hardware in the flesh.

Here’s the brand new Dualshock 4 controllers. So far we know the Gold and Silver ones are coming to Australia. Hopefully we see the clear Dualshock 4 make it’s way over here.


The Pink and White/Blue Coverplate setups._DSC3213

Loving the loud orange cover in this. Purple and White looks kinda Freiza from Dragonball Z._DSC3214

The lime green and white combo really fits in with the Japanese PS Vita of the same variant. Looks quite neat._DSC3215

Here’s a few more bolder colours that fall in-line with their new Dualshock 4 controllers._DSC3216

For a minimalist setup, you can’t go wrong with the black/white colour scheme.


These cover plates look awesome and I’m really keen to spice my PlayStation 4 console’s look. No release has been announced yet, so hopefully Sony. Take our money.