Gaming through the hourglass

As increasing amounts of “Next-Gen” hardware begins flying off the shelves and encroaching its place into the households of gamers worldwide, now more than ever seems an appropriate time to indulge in a brief moment of respite to reflect upon some of our most cherished moments from an era which has given birth to some truly great video games, and served as a conduit to a seemingly perpetual elevation in both creativity and excellence.

Many would argue that the golden age of the so elegantly named “Last Gen” consoles is still far from its crescendo and they would be right to do so with the vast majority of powerhouse franchises in the industry continuing to support the now obsolete platform, or even granting exclusivity such as the new Borderlands title which has decided to shun the new systems entirely. However all great things must meet their end, but before that happens, allow me to pay homage to some of the truly great games of this generation that will stay in my memories for time immemorial.

In no particular order:

Gears of War


Where to start with this one. Never has there been a title that has leaped into existence seemingly out of nowhere that has captivated not only my imagination but my heart more than the original Gears of War. I didn’t think it was possible for me, someone who was primarily a single player focused gamer, to become so encapsulated and addicted to a multiplayer title outside of the wildly popular fps genre. One of the best multiplayer experiences of all time, hands down. Quite simply addiction personified.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


Serving as the blueprint for multiplayer fps as we know it today. Not once since spending my first few hours entrenched in combat through the back alleys of my favourite map (Crash) in Call of Duty 4 have I felt a more overwhelming sense of satisfaction. The innovation this title delivered simply cannot be overstated enough. I know that i am not alone when i say that this should always be hailed as one of the best fps titles of all time, period.


Splinter Cell Conviction


This game practically wrote the book on the proper method for rebooting a much loved franchise. Perfectly blending the stealth mechanics of previous titles with new and exciting action orientated mechanics led to a truly memorable experience. With an excellent single-player portion and a lavish serving of stellar co-operative content the result is a title that has me coming back for more year after year, long after the curtain call.


God of War 3


When God of War burst onto the Playstation 2 with the groundbreaking original, and then achieved the impossible feat of creating a more impressive sequel, i began to wonder if it would ever be possible to trump such colossally impressive achievements in both design and presentation. Then God of War 3 dropped and my jaw and preconceptions swiftly followed. With a sense of such grandeur and scale not seen in gaming since the amazing Shadow of the Colossus, much like Kratos himself Santa Monica continued to achieve the impossible in creating one of the most memorable and deliciously violent adventures to date.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


When most people think of Playstation’s heavy hitting franchises, chances are Uncharted is right there at the pinnacle and for good reason. In an era which was, and still is, so heavily dominated by the multiplayer experience, the package Naughty Dog managed to deliver with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was nothing short of remarkable. Such a rare commodity in the current age is the inclusion of a stellar single player portion of this caliber. Not to be left in the past however the introduction of multiplayer to the franchise was a raging success giving Nathan Drake a commanding position on my hall of fame.

What were some of your favourite titles from the last generation? Let us know in the comments.