Riot Games love to reward their players time and time again. Alongside maintaining a steady flow of new content and community involvement to satiate the ever growing player base, they occasionally dip into what is effectively fan-service for intense players and new gamers alike. And no, we don’t mean like anime fan-service. Mind out of the gutter people! This is simply a group of well-known League of Legends characters trying to kick each-other’s head’s in with as much stylish brutality as possible.

You may remember last year’s cinematic trailer, A Twist of Fate; similarly, in A New Dawn we see some of League’s most beloved champions like Ahri and Draven fighting each other for no other reason than it looking really cool. After you’re done watching the six minute long beat down, check out the accompanying video that goes behind the scenes as A New Dawn’s creators discuss the challenges and work involved in making such an elaborate piece.

Gary Hecker, who worked on the Foley sound design in the cinematic stressed that “there is no production track to start with. So every movement of each one of these characters has to be custom hand designed.”

Source: Riot Games YouTube Channel