A new direction for Respawn Ninja

Esports has grown significantly in 2016 and Respawn Ninja started adopting competitive gaming into the agenda. The past year has been quite difficult for us to compete with our gaming category with the industry currently saturated with written content. Despite having a roster of paid freelancers, we’ve had a lot less opportunities this year to grow on that segment which made us come back to drawing board to devise a new plan going into the new year.

From December 2016 – we will be dropping our written gaming content completely. This is unfortunate as we had to let a portion of our freelancers go to accommodate our new push and that’s Esports. The Respawn Ninja website currently features the regular esports content but with a new dedicated push, we’ll be taking our esports content to the next level. We’ve been working behind the scenes on a few new projects as well as working with new partners to push the envelope of esports content not seen locally. We want to be the home of esports content in Australia and we hope you join us on our exciting new direction.

With our gaming content, we’ve reworked on how we’re going to approach this area. We’re not dropping it completely but presenting it as a new medium and that’s Twitch. This is not surprising as most of the current industry trend is pushing in this direction and we’ve decided to push our own plan. We have something special in the works on how we’re doing Twitch which will be revealed soon. Right now, we can reveal that HolmesInFive will be joining our Twitch team. We’ll also be announcing the rest of the team soon.

Respawn Ninja would like to thank everyone on supporting us on the written gaming content for the last few years. Our new direction is interesting and we’ve worked hard to make this transition. We can’t wait to show everyone what we have planned over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Agus ‘Goosenstuffs’ Berry – Founder & Manager, Respawn Ninja