Australian Esports Media Group or AEMG has announced a WPGI Female CSGO League featuring a $10,000 AUD Prize Pool. The company has also revealed that they’ve partnered with Women in Games International (WIGI) for Women’s Esports Leagues in 2017. The female only tournament will see teams from Athletico, Corvidae, Dark Sided, Incept, Mythix and Ravens attend.

AEMG Event Director, James Cowan:

Words alone cannot convey how excited I am to launch WPGI, and change the competitive landscape for Women in esports. For many years Oceania has been behind the global esports curve, but today we start to change that. Through WPGI we hope to set the standard for leagues not just here in Oceania, but worldwide.

WPGI Female CSGO League launches on January 22nd and will culminate into a LAN Final on March 5th, 2017.