During Microsoft’s E3 presser earlier this morning, the team spent quite a long amount of time discussing what the future of the industry is – and while some may argue against it, it’s clear that Virtual Reality will be a very important part of how the industry develops.

VR Announcements

Microsoft didn’t announce too much on the side of VR at this year’s E3 presser, as their time was mostly spent with Hololens and the other games on show. They were at Oculus’ presser this year though, and announced the partnership with them that would see Oculus have Xbox One compatibility and ship with an Xbox One controller with each unit. You can read more up on that here.

However, at the presser this year, Xbox did announce that they’ve struck a partnership with Valve’s VR headset – SteamVR. Not much else was said, but now we know that Windows users will have the ability to use either the Oculus or the SteamVR for their Virtual Reality needs.

Hololens Announcements

While Hololens was unveiled only a few months ago, there’s been questions of how the headset will fit into the gaming space. Well, Mojang came out onto the stage and demonstrated exactly that. Check out the demo below. Xbox Minecrafter’s might really take a liking to this.

With more to be announced, the future of gaming is looking very interesting indeed with a slew of new tech slowly coming into focus over the next couple of years. Could Virtual Reality be the next big thing and not another failure like 3D was? We’ll have to wait and see, but the possibilities are fairly endless with tech like this.