AMD has announced their first Polaris graphics card called the RX 480 coming at an aggressive $199 USD.

AMD showed no chill revealing the card comparing it to NVIDIA’s pricing for the GTX 1080 and 1070 to appeal to a wider market audience at a competitive price point for performance. The RX 480 has also been called AMD’s most power efficient card with an average power draw of just 150W.




Here are the official specs:

  • Stream Processors – 2304 (36 CUs)
  • TFLOPs (FMA) – >5 TFLOPs
  • Boost Clock – >1.08GHz
  • Memory Clock – 8Gbps GDDR5
  • Memory Bus Width – 256-bit
  • VRAM – 4GB/8GB
  • Typical Board Power – 150W
  • Manufacturing Process – GloFo 14nm FinFET
  • Architecture – GCN 4

The release date for the RX 480 has been dated for June 29th, 2016. No local pricing and date confirmation has been released but we should hear something closer to launch.