EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced Titanfall 2’s first free post-launch map, with a remastered version of Angel City heading to Titanfall 2 in December.

Posting on the game’s website, Titanfall 2 Producer Drew McCoy had this to say about bringing back Angel City: “Angel City is a map that is near and dear to many of us here at Respawn, and has proven to be a fan favourite since players first got their hands on it in the original Titanfall.”

“Everybody that owns Titanfall 2 will get Angel City for free, but for those that want a three day head start can get it by pre-ordering Titanfall 2 — any edition, any retailer.”

As well as this, McCoy went into a bit of detail about some of the cosmetic items available in Titanfall 2, reiterating that they won’t affect gameplay: “We’re also adding some cool content to the Titanfall 2 Digital Deluxe Edition by including Prime upgrades for the Ion and Scorch. These Prime upgrades modify the physical appearance of the Ion and Scorch, introduce new sound effects, and offer up some killer new executions. None of these items impact the balance of the gameplay, they’re just a chance for you to show a little more flair on the Frontier.”

Titanfall 2 launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 28.