Judgement Time

With a new studio now in the helm of creating the second season of Psycho Pass, things can go either way. I don’t believe the original creators of Psycho Pass intended for the show to go with a second season and if you have seen the first season – you may feel the same. However, with the anime being received rather well in Japan and overseas, I can see why they have pushed for a continuation of the story and even an upcoming movie.

Season two starts off quite hastily than the last without any explanation or recaps. If you haven’t seen the first season, you’ll be instantly lost with the setting Psycho Pass is set in. Inspector Akane Tsunemori returns as the lead role for this season but she has completely changed from the last time we saw her. No longer the recruit, the events of the previous season has turned her into a mature yet somewhat badass character in the second. She’s tougher and plays the leadership role with her new team. The new team however is has split personalities and values to the cause especially her new partner Mika whom values the exact opposite of Akane. We can totall expect some tension between the two in this season.

If you haven’t watched Psycho Pass Season 1, do yourself a favour and binge the whole season. It’s simply one of the best series in recent years. Let’s hope Season 2 can meet big expectations.

You can watch Season 1 and 2 of Psycho Pass legally on Madman’s AnimeLab here.


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