Deep Silver, Reloaded Games and The Workshop Entertainment have today announced that they’re working on bringing Action MMO APB – All Points Bulletin – to the current-gen console space by re-crafting it into APB Reloaded.

The game is currently in development by The Workshop Entertainment, and upon release will be free to play for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, however Xbox gamers will be required to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play.

APB Reloaded is based within a near-future urban cityscape of San Pero, enabling you to play as one of two factions – Enforcer, a police-esque role allowing you to help in the task of ridding the city of crime, or Criminal, which allows you to cause as much mayhem as you want within the city. The game has an extensive character and vehicle creation system and is driven by PvP experiences and even allows 50 vs 50 real time missions.

APB Reloaded will be making its debut on consoles at the latter end of Q2 this year and will be available to download and play for free with the option of buying in-game gear, items, vehicles and customisations to specialise players’ play-style.