Armello, made by Australian developers League of Geeks, is coming to Playstation 4 in September this year. Announced on the Playstation blog, the vibrant digital board game will feature new high end assets, a redesigned user interface and a new control scheme for the dualshock controller.

Founder and Director at League of Geeks, Trent Kusters, spoke a little about bringing the game to the Playstation in his blog post, stating;

“We would never have imagined our game would show so much promise and have such a following that four years later I’d be here telling the world that Armello would be coming to PS4. We never were that optimistic. However, today is that day. We’re proud to announce that Armello will be coming to PS4 in September this year.”

Armello’s unique blend of stunning graphics and music, card and board game themes and their aim to create a “truly digital board game” should keep it on your radar in the lead up to release. If you want to check it out now, the game is currently in early access for the PC and Mac via Steam Early Access.